Membership at Studio L14 is a monthly subscription. It is not a way for us to make more money, it is a way for us to smooth over the rough patches. The world of music events is a boom or bust place. One month we may have lots of guests, the next very few. This makes paying the bills a bit of a juggle at times (especially after a 2 year pandemic with $0 income) so we came up with this to help us.

To prove we’re in it for the right reasons we offer an absolute metric butt-load of discounts and benefits for our members. We want the decision to be a no-brainer. We want to help you, help us.

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Current membership benefits

  • Advanced access to early bird event tickets,
  • Ticket discounts (typically $5 off),
  • Reduced Studio rentals ($40/hr for non-members, $25/hr for members),
  • Each month you’re a memeber you are entered into a draw for a pair of tickets to the next headliner event,
  • Open decks time slots are first come, first serve, but members are given the first stab at claiming slots and the $5 fee is dropped,
  • If you have an idea for a future perk – speak up!