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Open Decks are a chance for folks to play at our space for a nominal fee. We have Pioneer and Denon equipment to play on if you’re a digital Dj and Technics turntables if you use vinyl. Open Decks sets are 30 minutes each and we for a 5-6 hour event once per month.

We have some rules or guidelines to ensure a smooth Open Decks and to ensure the limited spots go to the right folks. These are not negotiable and have been enacted due to specific issues.

  1. Sets can only be booked by the person playing (ie no booking for friends). If you book multiple sets all but one will be cancelled and if this is a repeat violation you may be banned.
  2. Open Decks are not lessons, please be able to play at least on a basic level, we’ll give you a 2 minute overview on the equipment, but that’s all. Lessons are possible, but email to arrange.
  3. If you have a slot, you must be IN the studio and ready to go 15 minutes before you are scheduled to start. If not, you forfeit your set and fee.
  4. If you are a digital DJ, please make sure your USB is formatted in Rekordbox for Pioneer or Engine for Denon. Keep in mind cheap USB sticks can often prevent files from showing as well.
  5. If you are a Vinyl dj you should be in the habit of bringing your own needles, never trust a club’s needles
  6. All Djs must bring headphones… This should be apparent, but apparently not.
  7. If you’ve booked a live set and you’re setting up equipment of some sort we’l reach out when we see this to make inquiries about your set-up. Please know the basics about what your outputs are (ie RCA, 1/4″, XLR, etc) so we can have the appropriate mixer set up for you to plug into.

Open Decks are announced via Facebook and Instagram and only then will the link below be of use…

Open Decks Sign-up Form